Top Men’s Lifestyle Products for Hairstyling and Grooming

Gone are the days when hair care for men will only take a quick suds-up with shampoo, tedious towel drying and a slather of men’s lifestyle products.  If you feel a bit fancy, you can use a blob hair gel.

Nowadays, there are plenty of volumizing sprays, matte clays and freeze-hold gels readily available in the market.

If you want to do hairstyling yourself, there are plenty of resources online. However, finding the right products can be a tricky process. Thus, we came up with some of the best hair styling products for men in the market. Below are some of the products for men of which you can try using:

Styling Cream

With a man who prefers a light-touch appeal, a styling cream can add utmost shine to your hair. This will guarantee the best medium hold to your locks. Of all the men’s lifestyle products in the market, a styling cream is the nearest one which resembles the texture and function of sebum (the natural moisturizer of the hair and scalp). It is best recommended for men with frizz-fee hair.


If you like a strong hold and dress up your hair for an event, this is arguably the most popular hairstyling product. Thus, you can have a good hold for an eye-catching and ravishing wet-look hair style. You must apply hair gel sparingly. It can get too sticky and can harbour dirt on your hair.


A hair paste is like a pomade and a styling cream. It is thick yet quite pliable. It is versatile enough to be used for long, short and medium length hair. With a matte finish, a hair paste appears voluminous and offers a slightly shiny look. It is water-based and tends to wash out easily.

Strong Hair Molding Paste – Matte Finish Product for Men


This is similar to pomade and a gel. It offers a better form and hold. This type of hair styling product is more manageable and washes off quite well.  A more flexible finish is achievable when you make use of wax.  You can style your hair slick-back or parting on the side or textured, you can definitely add wax into your weekly shopping list.


This type of hairstyling product appears to be like glue which can replace wax or pomade. For medium to the stronghold and a matte finish appearance. If you are fond of having a bed-head hairstyle, this product can definitely add more texture to the appearance of your hair.

Cab’s Textural Cool Dull Hair Clay for Men with Matte Finish Molding Hair Wax Paste

If you have more suggestions on hairstyling product, please do let us know and your experience in the comment down below.