Top Men’s Lifestyle Brands with Awesome Yoga Equipment

There are a lot of men who are into yoga. They give so much attention to their mental and physical health. Thus, they invest in yoga apparel and equipment from popular men’s lifestyle brands. The yoga and wellness industry is quite complex that you will find plenty of equipment and clothing to help you achieve a better experience while doing yoga routines.

Why Real Men are Into Yoga?

Plenty of people misunderstood that yoga is for women only. However, nowadays, there are many men who understand the health benefits of yoga. Here are some of the health benefits for the body when doing yoga:

Yoga can ease tension and get rid of stress. You can unplug and relieve your stress from the daily hustle and bustle of life. It can serve as a mental and physical detox by making use of breathing techniques with relaxing benefits.

Any physical activity engaging several muscles and require explosive power require more flexibility. Yoga can definitely improve your body’ ability to move and stretch the muscles which results to increased blood circulation and range of motion.

Improved stability and balance can result from religious practicing of yoga routines. If you are dedicated to your regimen, you will surely achieve better postural stability, deep core engagement and strengthening of your spine.

What to Wear and Use During Yoga Sessions?

You do not have to worry about being too overwhelmed about yoga equipment and clothing. All you have to do is stick to several basic items. Below are some of the essential equipment before you begin yoga sessions:

Essential Yoga Clothing

Wear comfortable breathable apparel when doing yoga. You do not have to really go over the top with the price though. All you have to do is find the right brand, style and comfort level.

Pants can be tight or harem-style ones. Find stretchy ones and with elastics on the ankle to avoid wardrobe failures. Most yoga poses are quite odd which can reveal some skin.

Yoga Tops and Shirts

find one that is made of breathable materials. You should be comfortable moving around as yoga might require odd-looking poses.

Yoga Mat

This is also known as the sticky mat. This equipment can help you define your personal space and your safety. Most importantly, you must invest in durable matt to create traction for your hands and feet during sessions. This will prevent slipping injuries and alike.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium Print Reversible Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of Yoga

Optional Equipment

To make your yoga sessions more efficient, you can invest in equipment. Yoga props allow students to maintain a healthy alignment while doing a range of poses, twists and bends.

Mat Bags or Slings

Yoga Mat Bag – Large Waterproof Yoga Mat Carrying Bag



ZURA Premium Yoga Block


Yoga EVO Stretching Strap with Loops


Manduka Enlight Round Yoga Bolster


UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set – Strongest & Most Comfortable Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel

There are plenty of men’s lifestyle brands selling yoga apparel which are readily available in the market. Do you have recommendations on the following items above? Please leave a comment down below!