Top 5 Men’s Health Chest Workouts

When it comes to having an impressive looking physique, the pectorals rank very high on most people’s list. Of course, the pectorals are better known as the chest muscles if you didn’t already know. These fin-shaped muscles signify power and strength, and a well-built set of pecs will garner plenty of attention from the opposite sex.
Unfortunately, a vast majority of individuals don’t possess stellar-looking pecs whether it comes from a lack of training or poor genetics. If you’re looking to build the biggest, most well-developed chest muscles, then you’re in the right place so keep reading.

Chest Workout Tips For Men

The great thing about the chest muscles is that they can be trained in a multitude of ways. Of course, there’s the traditional free-weight option, and there’s the bodyweight option that’s known as calisthenics. I can personally tell you from experience that you should train your pecs from multiple angles. The actual muscle fibers of the chest stretches across to the bones of the upper arm and shoulder. Some basic tips to keep in mind include:
  • Use a moderate amount of weight
  • Use proper form
  • Avoid super-heavy weights
  • Use barbells & dumbbells 
  • And more

Since most people don’t possess gym equipment, home chest workout tips for men will include bodyweight exercises and weighted-resistance bands. Gym workout tips for men include the use of advanced-lifting machines, barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells and more. Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s take a look at five of the best exercises for building a rock-solid chest.

The Five Best Chest Exercises For Inflating The Pecs

    1. The flat-barbell bench press is definitely a fan-favorite because it produces some of the best results. Chest pressing movements with a barbell will incorporate a lot more muscle tension more so than its dumbbell counterpart. Barbell movements are known as compound movements as the bar will allow for the use of more weight. It’s basically an up and down pressing motion. A great tip to know is that I’ve been able to target a more specific area of my chest by using wide and narrow grips. A wide grip will definitely hit the outer pecs more while a narrow grip will focus more on the inner pecs.
    1. Dumbbell flys are a great exercise for stretching the pectoral muscles. The best advice here would be is to use a light-to-moderate amount of weight. Dumbbell flys require you to lie on your back, extend your arms in an upward motion and lower the dumbbells in an arcing motion. Once you begin to feel a stretch at the bottom of the movement, then you should reverse the motion back to the top. To refrain from overloading your elbow joints, it’s good to slightly bend your elbows before the movement begins.
    1. Incline-dumbbell presses do a wonderful job of overloading the upper region of the pecs. Of course, the upward angle of the bench will direct the stress to the upper pecs. Incline-dumbbell presses provide a much better stretch at the bottom of the movement more so than with a barbell. Dumbbells allow for more freedom of movement instead of being locked in place. Super-heavy weight isn’t necessarily required because getting the dumbbells off the floor & into a starting position can be a chore when working out alone. Dumbbells also allow for short-rapid strokes as well as long-slow strokes.
    1. Dips for the chest are generally done with a dip station style of equipment. This particular piece of hardware is very basic with its two grip handles. First and foremost, you’ll need to tilt your body forward with your elbows flared a bit to the side. This is the best angle to put the most amount of stress on the chest muscles. You’ll now need to slowly lower your body in a downward motion leading with your head. Home chest workout tips for men can include doing this movement with any sturdy structure that contains even-width handles. Some people even do this exercise at playgrounds that posses monkey bars. Dips will inflate your chest just as good as any other chest exercise, and I like to tie a weight around my waist for added tension.
  1. Pushups is a tried-and-true exercise for building an impressive chest. Despite what “bro-science” says, pushups can be used to build a good amount of muscle because you can do them almost anywhere and at anytime. If you don’t believe me, then take a good look at the guys who have just been released from the joint. Pushups can be used with a wide or narrow stance, and pushups can be performed on an incline or performed on a decline for better targeting specific areas of the chest. Whether you’re at home or on a business trip, pushups work great for building and maintaining muscle mass.

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Implementing Training Tips & Tricks Into Your Training Regimen

Chest workout tips for men, and gym workout tips for men isn’t as hard as you may think it is. Since I’m fairly seasoned in weight training, I tend to vary my chest workouts with light and heavy days. Beginners should utilize the compound movements of barbells for building a solid foundation. At certain times, try using dumbbells to better isolate specific areas of the chest. 

Trying to set world records will only cause injuries so stay away from ego lifting. Equipment such as the smith machine is great for using heavier weight without risking good form because you’re locked in place. Pulley machines can provide a great amount of tension for isolating and toning the chest muscles, but make sure to use proper form unless you want to pull a muscle or rip a tendon. For more information on bodyweight exercises click

The time is now for building a solid chest that men will respect and women will admire. Always make sure to eat as healthy as possible while getting plenty of sleep.