The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Jelqing

Although I have always considered myself as being average in the manhood department, I was always looking for a way to try and get a bit of an extra advantage in terms of size. Who wouldn’t want an extra inch or two of length and girth on their Johnson?

I am far from being in need of surgical augmentation and I’m sure not going to try those ineffective pills that are advertised next to your favorite adult videos. So naturally, I focused my attention on finding a completely natural and physical method that could do the job.


Does Jelqing Work?

Let’s get this out of the way right from the start so that you can decide whether you are going to continue reading the article or not. The main reason you are here is so that you can find an answer to the question: “Does jelqing work?” Yes, it absolutely does! Having said that, it is important to understand what it is, how exactly it is done safely and effectively, and what expectations you should have.

Speaking of expectations, guys often get discouraged about the size of their penis as porn puts unrealistic expectations on men as to how big their axe handle ought to be. Be comfortable in your own skin and use any knowledge you gain from the next few paragraphs as a way of improving yourself. Know thyself and seek to get better. Enough of the philosophical talk. Let’s get into the meat of it!


What is Jelqing?

If you were to search the term ‘penis enlargement’ on Wikipedia, you would find that one of the physical techniques mentioned gives you an answer to the question of what is jelqing by stating that it is an exercise “performed on the halfway tumescent penis and is a manual manipulation of simultaneous squeezing and stroking the shaft from base to corona. Also called “milking”, the technique has ancient Arab origins.”

One of the best things about the exercise is that it doesn’t cost you anything to do it. There are aids that you might want to purchase and add to your regimen, but overall, with a little consistency and perseverance, you can achieve results that will boost your confidence and improve your sex life. Oh, you’ll need a little bit of lubricant, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, How Do You Jelq?

I’ve mentioned the what and the why, now it’s time to look at the how. The jelq exercise is done so as to force blood into the penis through the shaft. Although the penis is not a muscle, you are using a similar method as in weight training to cause growth. In this case, however, it’s not the breaking down of muscle tissue that causes it to rebuild bigger and stronger, but rather the expansion of the tissue inside the shaft which allows more blood to enter the penis. A crude analogy would be like inflating a party balloon. The first time you blow into the balloon, it is stiff, no pun intended, and seems to take a lot of effort to inflate. After a few times of inflating and deflating, you see that the balloon is sort of soggy and easier to blow into. It’s also stretched out and can take more air with every subsequent inflation.

Don’t be one of those broscience gymgoers that go right into their sets and never do any warmup sets. As with going to the gym, it is advised that you perform a warm-up. Personally, I take a towel that I’ve soaked in warm water, strain it to remove most of the water, and wrap it around the penis. I leave it for a minute or two. Then, I do some stretches. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I hold the head of the penis firmly between my thumb and pointer finger and stretch it in a few different directions, pulling it left, right, towards my stomach, and then towards the floor. No need to overdo it. This just gets the area ready for the tension that will ensue and makes sure that there is some blood in the penis.


There are Jelqing Devices that are designed to help with the process. I’ve tried the device below:

I liked the amount of pressure I was able to achieve with relative ease but I didn’t like how I had to release the pressure and start over at the base unlike using two hands. But it’s a small sacrifice for the amount of pressure the device gives.


The funny this is, I found almost the exact same device with the exception that the rollers are a bit smaller. But, it’s a fraction of the cost!


Below is an image of the device I got off of Amazon for $5 bucks, shipped!

It’s a Canning Jar Lifter I guess. Even though I never used it for canning, it works just about as good at a fraction of the cost. So if a device like this is what your’re looking for, I’d go for the cheaper one. 


At this point, you’ll want to lubricate the area. You can use baby oil, coconut oil, KY jelly, or any lubricant that you are comfortable with. Now, everything is ready to get started. The jelq exercise is performed by taking your pointer finger and bending it until it meets your thumb in the way that you would hand signal the “ok” sign. Place this circle that your thumb and pointer finger create around the base of the penis shaft as close as you can to your body. Close the grip until you have tight grasp around the base of your partially erect penis and slowly slide your hand forward towards the head of the penis, stopping once you’ve reached it. Take your other hand, and in the same exact fashion, place it at the base of your penis and start the motion. Alternate your hands and continue the exercise, making sure each stroke takes about three seconds to complete.

Similar to resistance training or lifting weights, this pressure results in small-scale damage in the cavernosum. This minor damage will heal overnight. You should avoid too many continuous days without rest as it can slow the penis enlargement effects.


What to Keep in Mind When You Jelq

Jelqing results will vary, and I can only vouch for the results that I have achieved, but I have read many testimonials online and all seem to have positive numbers to share. At this point, I want to go over all the things you need to know when you jelq. Hopefully, my experience can help you save time and achieve greater results faster.


What Erection Level Should I Sustain While Performing the Exercise?

This is one of the most important things that you will have to focus on so as to achieve maximum results. Do the exercise with too soft an erection and you won’t get any results as there will not be enough blood in the penis to stretch the tissue. Do it with too stiff an erection and it’ll be like trying to do a set of ten reps at the bench with your one-rep max loaded on the bar. Also, if you try to jelq with a nearly erect penis, you’ll be putting too much unnecessary strain on it.

The ideal condition for the penis while doing the exercise is about one-half to three-quarters erect. These numbers are just indicative as there’s no concrete way to know exactly how to reach these levels, so just go on experience. Every guy inherently understands the degree of erection his willie has reached.

Jelqing for Girth and Length

Going a little further into what the degree of erection you sustain while doing the exercise means, I’ll explain what anecdotal evidence seems to confirm. That is, the more on the erect side your penis is while jelqing, the more the exercise promotes gains in girth, while the more towards the lower end your erection level is, the more length you get out of it. So, if you jelq with a half-erect penis, you are getting more length out of the exercise, while if you are at three-quarters erect, you are getting more girth. Personally, I tend to jelq at three-quarters erect level, so I cannot attest to the discrepancy between the two ways of doing the exercise, but I can imagine there is some truth to this.

If you are overly concerned with length gains, there are devices known as penis extenders. These devices keep your penis stretched through the use of fasteners and rods. Sounds painful, but it isn’t. The fasteners fit around the tip of the penis and the base while the rods adjust the length to which you will be stretching your member. Extenders are beyond the scope of this article but may be worthwhile extra research for those concerned with increasing length.


Getting Accustomed to the Exercise.

There is a bit of stress and pressure the penis needs to become acclimatized with, so starting off at the half-erect penis level is recommended. I started at that lower level for a few days and then worked my way up to the three-quarters erect level without any difficulty. Also, I started off doing the exercise for a couple of minutes, with just three sets of ten strokes. I would recommend starting with a lower duration and working up, just as a newbie would at the gym.

A further way of varying the jelq is to try different grips and directions of the stroke. Just as when stretching, as your penis becomes accustomed to the exercise, you’ll want to vary the grip tightness. Changing the direction of the stroke can promote stretching and expansion of all of the tissue and cavities within the penis. Click on the following link to learn more about the anatomy of the penis and the areas of the corpus cavernosum you will be expanding through jelqing.


Does it Matter If I Sit or Stand?

How you elect to do the exercise is up to you. I like to perform it while seated although I have done it in the shower as well. Having said this, if you jelq in the shower, don’t use soap or shampoo as it can be painful if it gets into your pee hole and the sodium laurel sulfate contained in most soaps and shampoos you get at the supermarket can irritate your skin. If you are more comfortable performing the jelq while lying in bed, feel free to do so. The position which you place your body can only have a slight difference as to the blood pressure in the penis. If you have no problem obtaining the level of erection necessary for functionally performing a proper jelq, the position shouldn’t be a problem.

Rate at Which the Stroke is Performed.

As I mentioned earlier, each stroke should take three seconds or more to complete. You don’t want to go any faster and turn it into a wack session. Three seconds is about the right amount of time necessary to force blood into all parts of the corpus cavernosum and promote expansion. If you rep it out faster, you’ll be missing out on the benefits of the exercise. Only speed up for a bit if you feel that your member is about to enter wet noodle territory. You’ll need to balance your erection level with the rate at which you perform the strokes. At first, it may take a while to reach mastery, but you should be good to go by the end of the first or second session.


Should I Use Porn to Get in the Proper State?

This one is totally up to you. I’ve done both with and without the assistance of virtual stimulation. Again, as mentioned above, it’s about maintaining a balance between the proper erection level and the rate at which you will be performing the strokes. If you use porn, just keep in mind that you may tend to maintain erection levels that are harder than what is recommended and you may go ahead and orgasm before having finished with your exercises. In the case that using porn becomes counterproductive, consider going without it.


How Many Reps Should I Perform and How Many Days Per Week Should I Jelq?

When you’re first starting out, perform about 150-200 strokes per day for a full week with a light to medium grip. For the second week, up the reps to 300. If after the second week you feel you can take more, try 400-500 reps per day while increasing the intensity of the grip to a medium level. After that, you will have a good understanding of how much you can do, both in reps and intensity, although 500 reps per day with a medium to strong grip should be the goal. You’ll want to take a day off every week or maybe twice a week, as you find fit.

What Kind of Jelqing Results Should I Expect?

A widely accepted average of jelqing results that are to be expected is an addition of one inch in length and one inch in girth to your penis. Personally, I can corroborate the length figure, whereas I have surpassed the girth number. Guys online have claimed more, but I think it’s good to keep these averages in mind when going in. Results will vary based on the intensity and focus of your training.


Are There Any Potential Side Effects I Should Look Out For?

Some guys have claimed that some red spots appear. These seem to be due to slight bruising and are not harmful in any way. Abstaining from the exercise for a couple of days is enough for these spots to go away. Personally, I have found that my penis looks darker overall. I attribute this to the surface bruising caused by the exercise. I have never experienced any pain or decrease in function of my manhood. On the contrary, my erections are even more rock hard than before and it takes over twice the time it did before for my penis to go flaccid after sex. I guess that is a side effect of jelqing for girth. It takes considerably longer for the blood to vacate the premises.


How About Going the Extra Mile?

I mentioned penile extenders earlier as a way of augmenting your results. Another device worth mentioning is the vacuum or penis pump. This device can give added benefits to your jelq routine. A penis pump works by creating a vacuum in the tube into which you have inserted your penis. Through suction, blood is made to enter the cavernosum, whereby an erection is caused. Penis pumps are used for medical reasons, and so have been tested for safety and efficacy and are far removed from the days where jokes were made about them. It is recommended that the penis pump is used three times a week for optimal results.


After a Long, Hard Look… pun intended.

Men that have been experiencing erectile dysfunction issues that are not related to severe medical conditions have found that exercising their manhood provides great benefits. For those like myself, just looking for a more impressive third lower limb, I couldn’t be happier with my results. I was looking for a way to increase the size of my penis and I found that the best way to do so is to jelq. If you want to get a bigger and fatter boner that stays harder for longer during, and after sex, you should give it a try. Like anything else, it takes a concerted effort. Doing it once here and there won’t cut it. But if you can put in the time, you’ll be more than pleased.