The Best Way to Lose Weight for Men

With the summer of 2019 approaching it can be a great time to get into shape. After all, there’s plenty of activities to do in the summer that require a bit of stamina. Swimming, surfing, hiking, and dancing are just a small sample of summer’s delectable goodies. Although summer is a great time to reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle, every season is a time for keeping fit. Besides, 2019 isn’t over just yet. There are many different ways for men to lose weight and stay in shape. While many fitness magazines and articles contain a myriad of men’s quick weight loss tips, exercise and proper nutrition are the most promising. From packing on muscle to cutting out processed foods, the best ways to lose weight and remain in peak physical health are tried and true.

Pack on the Muscle

A great way to lose weight and stay in shape is to start strength training. When it comes to fat loss tips for men, strength training is at the top of the list. Strength training not only helps to “build strength”, but it also helps to maintain fat-free mass and increase muscle mass. Muscle fibers require a lot of energy to utilize, repair, and maintain. With an increase in muscle mass through strength training it becomes easier to lose weight. While there are multiple forms of strength training, lifting weights is the most common and popular method. That doesn’t mean it’s the only way. Body weight exercises and resistance bands are also great forms of strength training. While weightlifting can help build muscle at a faster rate, body weight exercising helps to adapt to strength training without being overcome by DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which occurs naturally as muscle fibers are damaged during training. Resistance bands also have their own perks for strength training. Due to increased mobility, they’re often easier on the joints. 

No matter what method of strength training is chosen, increasing muscle strength and mass is one of the most highly recommended fat loss tips for men. There are a few things that have to be kept in mind before training. The following tips will help prevent injury, assist the body in recovering,and ensure muscle growth occurs efficiently. 

  • Take in Protein Training creates microscopic tears in the muscle that have to be repaired. This is how growth occurs. By consuming an adequate amount of protein not only will growth occur, but recovery time can also be shortened. A good rule of thumb is to consume between one to two grams of protein per body weight. 
  • Don’t Overdo it While the main goal of training is to give muscles more than they can handle, it still has to be done safely. Lifting too much or doing too many repetitions can cause more harm than good and will take a lot longer to recover from. This can also put a lot of stress on the joints, furthering injury. A good tip is to start with a weight you can actually handle and do enough repetitions until the weight feels heavier than normal. 
  • Stay Hydrated Your body needs water for pretty much every activity and even more so for training. Keeping hydrated ensures you won’t suffer from fatigue or dehydration.
  • Sweet Dreams Getting rest helps the body to repair cells without being interrupted by the normal routines of the day. And with training added to the mix, it’ll require even more rest to repair and build new muscle. So do yourself a favor and get that rest. 
  • Eat like you mean it Don’t under eat just because you’re trying to lose weight. When attending to a rigorous lifestyle coupled with strength training you’ll need a bit more calories than normally. Expending energy requires energy and training requires even more. The rule of thumb is to consume around 2500 calories per day with a majority of them coming from protein.

Cardio is not the enemy: Keep your heart in shape.

Many fitness experts and novices alike know that weight lifting isn’t the only way to lose weight and stay in shape. Cardio is also a popular method of losing weight as it burns calories without causing the same level of fatigue that hitting the gym does. While cardio does burn calories and can reduce fat, it doesn’t burn as many calories as strength training. That doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial however. Cardio also burns fat calories and it’s beneficial to the heart. It strengthens the heart muscle and helps increase circulation. Proper circulation and a healthy heart help to transport oxygenated and nutrient rich blood throughout the body. This in turn will benefit future workouts and increase metabolism. From running to cycling, there are plenty of cardiovascular exercises that can burn calories and help men lose weight.

Eat the Right Foods

There are many diet tips for men but the most important one is eating the right foods. A proper nutrition regimen is often included in articles and magazines recommending men’s quick weight loss tips and there’s a reason why. The human body requires more than just fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes are also important. They assist in every function from creating new cells to releasing energy from fat stores. And the best way to get them is by eating the right foods. While a fast-food burger may be mouthwatering, wholesome foods provide your body with everything it needs and most of them can help you lose weight. The following list of foods have been included in many diet tips for men and will be sure to help with weight loss.
  • Lean Meats Lean meats contain the protein your body needs without all of the added fat. Turkey, chicken, and lean ground beef are a few healthy options.
  • Whole grains Whole grains provide fiber which helps to remain satiated after a meal. They also help to maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Barley, brown rice, and oatmeal area few popular whole grains.
  • Leafy Greens Leafy greens are often fibrous which helps to remain fuller longer. They also contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Kale and spinach are two excellent choices.
  • Beans and Legumes Beans and other legumes are protein packed and have high amounts of fiber. They also contain complex carbs which help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Black beans and kidney beans are two popular choices.
  • Nuts Nuts contain protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. All three are key ingredients to staving off hunger while reducing fat storage. Almonds are a great option to start and walnuts can reduce fat storage and increase insulin metabolism.

Cut the Crap 

A healthy lifestyle and diet are two important staples to loosing weight. However, that can all be undone in an instant if you eat foods that aren’t good for you. Fast-food is the main perpetrator when it comes to ruined diets and weight gain, but there are others. Processed sugars and other foods/beverages not only increase fat storage, they also have a tenancy to cause elevated blood sugar levels. A good way to stay on track is to completely cut out anything that can be bought in a can or drive-through. However, you should allow yourself a cheat day where a typical fast-food meal is permissible. This ensures you wont begin binge eating as a result of the dietary changes.

Moderation, Moderation, Moderation

While dieting and exercise are popular ways to lose fat, everything should be done in moderation. Too much training can cause injury and prevent the body from healing. Too little or too much nutrients can cause malnutrition, which can lead to low-weight-for-height, being overweight, or obesity. The best way to ensure none of that happens is to create a fitness plan and stay on top of it. You can also involve friends and family to make it a bit more fun. 

From packing on muscle to maintaining a proper nutrition regimen, the best men’s quick weight loss tips tried and true. All it takes is a little elbow grease and a lot of patience. So do yourself a favor this year by keeping in shape and staying fit.