The 5 Best Workout Clothes Brands for Men

Workout clothes are workout clothes, right? WRONG. I mean, unless you prefer slogging through your workout weighed down by your sweat-drenched shirts clinging to your body for dear life. Maybe you’re still stuck in the gym-teacher uniform days of ultra-short all polyester shorts and popped-collar polo shirts tucked in. Two words. Not sexy. Two more words. Ladies agree.


Look Good, Feel Good

Even if you refuse to take part in the mini-fashion show that seems to be the auxiliary purpose of going to the gym, how you dress matters. For one, clothing has evolved immensely from the late 80s to include fabrics that fight odor, better move with you, and wick sweat away from your body.

Let’s not forget the old adage about when you look good, you feel good. This has actually been proven to be true. New, stylish workout clothes can exponentially enhance your motivation to get out and workout.


What Makes the Best Workout Clothes for Men?

The following is a brief list of some important features to look for in present-day workout clothes. Since every man is built differently, some features may work for your buddy but not for you. This list can help individualize your selection.

  • Materials

Moisture-wicking fabrics, fast-drying fabrics, and sunscreen-infused fabrics are all choices you have these days. You can even find cool workout clothes that help you fight odor, you know, if you fight odor. Fabrics can even help to prevent chafing or nasty rashes by keeping you as dry as possible.

  • Comfortable

It goes without saying that your workout clothes should fit and feel good. No one has time for itchy tags, strangling collars, or waistbands that make you feel like you are now two sausage links. Additionally, cool workout clothes can help you maintain your comfort on longer days.

  • Functional

You need clothes that not only fit your workout, but also make it easier. You don’t need compression pants for leg day at the gym. Likewise, pockets will be essential to carry keys or energy gels on endurance runs or biking, but probably not so much for yoga.

Since most of us have busy lives, it’s convenient if your workout clothes can serve as “errand” clothes, as well. I mean, who wants to run home to change after a grueling workout to go grab a smoothie?

  • Durability

Even if you’re exercising in the arctic, you’re gonna sweat. This means you’re gonna stink. You’re gonna be washing your workout gear more often than other clothes, and you want to make sure they hold up for the duration.

The Best Workout Clothes for Men

The following workout brands, though not the common, big brand names you might expect, are our favorites for their innovation, quality, and meticulous detail to men’s workout clothing. It should be noted that I have nothing against the more popular names in athletic clothing, but I find myself getting lost in their seas of “dry” this and “fit” that. Whether you are looking for cheap workout clothes, stylish workout clothes, or cool workout clothes, you will find them here.


Best Workout Clothes for Endurance

Founded in 2013 on the idea that your workout clothes should make your workout easier, one feature of these shorts is their sweat- and bounce-proof pockets. This allows you to concentrate on your run without worrying about your keys falling out or your phone getting moisture damage.

We love that WOLACO, or Way Of Life Athletic Company, offers nothing but the basics. You can find compression gear, shorts, pants, and tops in a few basic styles all backed by WOLACO’s relentless testing and design.


Most Stylish Workout Clothes for Men

Rhone is dedicated to creating anti-odor, moisture-wicking, breathable workout clothes for men using innovative and proprietary SilverTech and GoldFusion fabrics. The metals are woven into clothing allowing for much faster drying time than standard tech material. This is awesome if you have errands to run after your workout, and you do not want to be the source of the rotting meat smell that everyone around you is choking on.

Rhone, named for aesthetics of the Rhone River in Europe, combines functionality with style. They offer myriads of workout clothing and leisure clothing choices, meaning you can meet all your needs at this one-stop-shop.

MPG Sport

Most Innovative Workout Clothes for Men

MPG Sport, short for Mondetta Performance Gear, is building a name for itself offering minimalistic design, moisture wicking materials, and performance-driven styles. Their mission is to solve the problems your workouts create, allowing you to keep your eyes on the prize.

Some of their innovative technologies include Polygiene finish to clothing. This is a natural antibacterial that reduces odor (the person on the elliptical next to you will thank you) and means you don’t have to wash these treated clothes after every workout. Furthermore, without so many washings, your clothes should last much longer.

Another technology is Propellite which consists of reflective fibers woven into fabric for nighttime activities. Drirelease has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic (repels water, attracts water) materials to pull water away from the body and push it to the outer part of the garment.

Gymshark LTD

Best Men’s Workout Clothes on a Budget

If you are looking for cheap workout clothes for men that are truly NOT cheap workout clothes for men, look no further than Gymshark LTD. A UK-based company founded by a teenager and his friends, Gymshark has transformed from a garage-based screen printing company to one of the fastest growing workout apparel companies.

Gymshark’s mission is to create the clothing to release your full potential, no matter the type of workout you do. Combining quality engineering and art, Gymshark offers a large selection of, well, everything you need for workouts (except shoes—maybe one day.)


Most Eco-Friendly Workout Clothes for Men

Okay, you will spend a bit more for Eysom clothing, but for good reason. Their pieces are timeless and classic. They also do not believe in mass production. Therefore, all of their unique items are assemble by hand down to their hand-stamped logo.

Creator Stan Cheung was looking for more than just baggy shorts and boxy shirts for his workout clothing line. He wanted to bring tailored and stylish workout clothes to men. Not only will you find uber cool workout clothes for men, some are even made with recycled water bottles. This makes Eysom, short for Exercise Your State Of Mind, one of the most sustainable brands on our list.

In Conclusion


Workout clothing for men has clearly evolved from the days of yore, and it’s time for you to catch up! What you wear impacts your state of mind whether at the gym, hitting the trails, or the courts. If you think the part, you will become the part.

The best part of today’s workout clothing is that they have great functionality. You can still wear your workout clothes should your resolutions to get in shape fail. But, who are we kidding here, you’re not gonna fail this time!