The 5 Best Men’s Fitness Apps

Unless you’re a smart exception, our mobile devices are never more than a short reach away, so why not take advantage of the tracking and monitoring that’s already built-in for coaching and assistance during exercise. If you’ve thought about using a mens fitness app for your workout routine but have been reluctant to wade through the mass of options, this is a great time to find a favorite since so many are now available with pseudo-trainers, customized exercises, and emphasis on just about any fitness mode.

I’ll share my own 2019 findings since like many guys who visit the gym 2 or 3 times a week for one hour or less, I wasn’t real interested in spending time testing the waters only to find that I didn’t like an app and need to keep searching. And for convenience sake, all the apps described here are compatible with Android and iOS devices with most offering cross platform functionality for wrist devices and other personal monitoring tools.

I set out to find the best-of’s primarily in the category of men’s fitness apps, and as anyone who’s involved in an exercise routine already knows, proper management and the attainment of any goal requires a commitment through all the uncomfortable periods of eating right, fatigue, and downright boredom.

The abundance of smart phone apps in 2019 made it easy for me to overlook the potential usefulness of a phone utility that would actually benefit my health. And even though I’m curious about nutrition, I really wanted to know more about exercise routines and what’s needed for the best results in terms of physical development and endurance. This is what motivated my best mens fitness app search. I’m well past my 20’s and have definitely seen the nasty results of a junk diet over random periods, so food portions and calorie intake is something I’d like to see and track. This starts with knowing my optimum workout style and needs, then selecting a men’s fitness workout app that meets my realistic goals and desires.


Let’s start with one of the most popular, free fitness apps currently available. MyFitnessPal is a highly rated diet and exercise tracker allowing users to gauge their intake and exercise routines with a database of millions of foods. The app gives you around 350 exercises with a reference that shows how many calories you’re burning against each meal. You track your daily activity with meals and workouts and then pace yourself alongside other members with similar exercise routines. When I was younger, calorie-counting seemed like something other people worried about, yet we know that other factors come into play when dialing in the best diet. And as an essential intake tracker for someone like me – who enjoys the occasional later-evening food grind – this is a great app for monitoring and staying close to a healthy meal baseline along with scheduled workouts.


My search for a mens fitness app continued with Strava, which gives its users a real opportunity to re-immerse themselves in genuine team competition. I like its ability to not only track my own jogs, but to essentially compete with my social media contacts or others who’ve joined and have similar routines. Strava ran up against some criticism for allowing personal information to become public, but it seems that the issue was mostly related to geographic detail in the form of routes run (or cycled) and newer versions give you setting options that keep private info secure. I take city rides on my mountain bike from 5 – 7 miles on average, and it didn’t take long to discover similar logged routes from others to go up against. Running and cycling were always the mainstays of Strava, but it doesn’t stop there as the app includes numerous activities inside and outside for setting your own benchmarks and competing with others.

Nike+ Training

Continuing the men’s fitness workout app search, Nike+ Training comes in as a true strength and conditioning app that takes the user right to a workout immediately after signing in. Nike+ includes a direct track for designing a workout around the exercises you already do along with a prescribed frequency for that routine, and one of my favorite things about this app is the lack of prompting for higher grade signup once you’re comfortable with a schedule. This app also includes a cool feature that assists with adjusting your routine if you don’t keep up with an established plan, which is very useful for me when I start out with goals that are a bit lofty.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

This is a great app that seems to be specifically designed for people who want a quick workout and don’t have access to a lot of specialized equipment. If you’re like me, your first reaction may be that seven minutes is barely enough time to get a decent warm up, so how is an effective workout accomplished in anything that short? The answer is the intensity of any given routine, with a non-numeric countdown timer that made me feel like I was pushing my reps harder by not fixating on a clock. The 7 minute routine is just a start, as there are several longer exercise variations included that are premade, or customizable by linking additional workouts inside the app.


Another excellent men’s fitness workout app is Aaptiv, which is also convenient when there isn’t a lot of time available. The high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the basis of Aaptiv, with what may be in my survey, the most personalized and ‘right next to you’ trainer experience. With limited visual reference, the audio-only format might be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with some of the exercises the coach uses. The upside to this is the ability to just go, without needing to prop your phone for video cues each time something new starts. I could glide from one station to the next, and definitely felt some burn pressure to keep up with the larger workout routine. I was tired and glad to be done, but definitely felt the same kind of satisfaction that finishing one of my gym classes provided when I was regularly attending.

Ultimately my search for a men’s fitness workout app provided some solid options, and my final choice (if any) really depends on the exercise mode I find most comfortable on a given day of the week.

My top 5 in best workout apps described above includes my own core interests; nutrition, strength conditioning, cardio activity, and the competitive field when I’m in the mood. In the end, the greatest byproduct of the once over saturated field of exercise apps is an easier choice in locating your own best mens fitness app.

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