Gone are the days when hair care for men will only take a quick suds-up with shampoo, tedious towel drying and a slather of men's lifestyle products.  If you feel a bit fancy, you can use a blob hair gel. Nowadays, there are plenty of volumizing sprays, matte clays and freeze-hold gels readily available in the market. If you want to do hairstyling yourself, there are plenty of resources online. However, finding the right products can be a tricky process. Thus, we came up with some of the best hair styling products for men in the

Most of us these days are more inclined to the organic kind of food and commodities we consume. For men's lifestyle products, there are skin and grooming brands which are made from chemical-free raw materials. From artificial fragrances and synthetic preservatives which can cause allergic reactions and can be harmful to the skin, your personal skin care products might not be good for your skin after all. Before you begin hunting down products for your skin care arsenal, you should understand some important points we want to remind you of: Read your labels. You should know that