Pillow Types Recommended For Optimum Men’s Health and Wellness

Sleeping is quite beneficial for our bodies. It is important for all of us to achieve the right amount of sleep and rest in a day. Men’s health and wellness are influenced by your sleeping habits. However, there are plenty of factors which greatly influence the way we sleep.

The temperature of the room, sleeping position, diet and even the kind of mattress or pillow that you use can contribute to how comfortable you can sleep at night. Getting the right kind of pillow for a better sleep experience is really crucial and important. Some even invest in the most expensive ones that they can find in the market. If you are quite clueless about these things, you should read the different kinds of recommended pillows to achieve healthier and well-rested sleep.

There are various types of pillows being sold in the market today. All you have to do is pick the one which will have the most support and offers ample comfort. Once you have figure out what kind of pillow to purchase, you can now expect restful nights.

Generally, there are 3 basic sleep positions. Thus, it will be easier for you to find which pillow will work best. Better sleep is absolutely important to achieve optimum Men’s health and wellness would. Thus, it will never be a waste of time if you pay much attention to your sleeping routine. Your pillow and posture will determine the seeping potion you are most comfortable doing.


Back Sleepers and the right kind of Pillows to use

There are people who are most comfortable sleeping on their back. This is highly recommended for better sleep and alignment of the spine. For individuals with chronic neck pain or poor circulation during sleep, a pillow for your back is highly recommended. Additionally, the pillow should be firm enough to provide support. Choose the pillow with a higher loft as well.


Medium Memory Foam – these pillow types provide curves and ample contour for your neck while maintaining spine support and alignment. This type of pillow is relatively hotter than most materials used.

Shredded Foam – Overstuffed pillows are usually made of this type of material. You can adjust it softness by simply removing the cushion. This is a popular choice of a pillow because it is adaptable to any size, softness, and shape.

Medium-firm Latex Foam – this Latex foam pillows have comparable contouring characteristics with memory foam but are naturally extra breathable.

Pillows Recommended for Stomach Sleepers

There are more stomach sleepers compared to those who sleep on their backs. However, chiropractors cited that this position is the worst in terms of spinal alignment. Thus, a pillow which can support your shoulders, neck and jaw while on this sleeping position is a must.  Stomach sleeping forces your upper body and spine to curve in very unnatural position. Thus, stomach sleepers need extra soft pillows to keep their head close to the mattress. Below are the types of pillows recommended for belly sleepers:

Shredded Foam: Shredded foam pillows are recommended for stomach sleepers because its softness is adjustable.


Down or Down Alternative –  Down and down alternative pillows (also known as feather pillows) are extremely soft and flattens easily, thus it is highly recommended for stomach sleepers.

Low-Loft Latex Foam – For proper spinal alignment support, this Latex foam is the best. It is also known to be cooler.

Pillows for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers make up about 74 percent of the population. This sleeping position is not bad for the back and neck. However, the right kind of pillow is important to in an upright position which is aligned to your spinal cord. Below are some of the types of pillows recommended for side sleepers:

Firmer Memory Foam – is a viable choice for side sleepers due to its natural contouring attributes. A firmer pillow can provide enough support and prevent the head from collapsing.

Shredded Foam Pillows are recommended for side sleepers as loft-adjustable pillow. Make sure though that the neck part does not press your shoulders far from the surface of the mattress.


High Loft Latex Foam is the more breathable type of material and responsive to body contour. It is perfect for people who are turning and tossing frequently.


These are just some of the suggestions we have for men’s health and wellness tips. You do not have to spend so much on your mattress. All you have to do is find the best kind of pillow recommended by science to you.