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Men’s Health Sex Tips for 2019

Despite most men’s best attempts, the intricacies of pleasuring women remain a mystery. Perhaps because sex tips aren’t one-size-fits-all, but the good thing is is that basic sex tips can be used to learn how a woman wants to be pleasured. If you want to have some really good sex, keep reading for 10 tips to keep her satisfied.

1. Learn the Art of Teasing

One of the best men’s health sex tips for 2019 is to learn the art of teasing. Though teasing can mean multiple things to multiple people, great sex is all about taking it slow. Even when having rough sex, teasing can be a major turn on. It means not rushing to the main event but slowly lingering with foreplay.

Take your time with deep kisses, intense groping, and even dry humping. While it may feel like this is a tip from a middle school “how-to” guide, it works. When gratification is delayed more and more, there’s a certain passion that builds up in both partners—ultimately exploding into some good, hot sex.

2. The Orgasm Shouldn’t Be the Only Goal

There’s a reason that orgasms feel so good—it’s a culmination of all that pent up sexual tension and foreplay. Part of having incredible sex is learning to let go of the idea of orgasm as the end-goal of sex.

The best men’s health sex tips show that the most powerful orgasms happen as a result of the intimacy both partners explore during sex. This means taking the time to actually experience one another and have a good time, even without the expectation of an orgasm.

Pleasure isn’t always about the orgasm. Thinking of sex as a long-game makes it easy for both partners to show each other pleasure during every aspect of their sexual encounter. Oftentimes, orgasms are the icing on the cake for an incredibly powerful session.

3. Sex Doesn’t End with Your Orgasm

Even though orgasms shouldn’t be the only goal during sex, it shouldn’t be the end of sex either. If one partner orgasms and the other doesn’t, that doesn’t mean that the sex session is finished.

Both partners need to be on the same page when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure. With really great sex, both partners should feel satisfied. Whether that means the sex session ends in multiple orgasms for both partners or the partner that finished first is pleasuring the other partner until they are done, it’s important to have open communication on just what is expected during sex.

4. Get Vocal During Sex

Somewhere, men in 2019 adopted the idea that they should pound away in silence during sex. While this may be a turn on for some people, many partners love it when they hear how much their lover is enjoying the experience. From moaning in her ear to growling out of pure ecstasy and lust, these sorts of sounds are often enough to take an average session to next-level, mind-blowing sex.

Getting vocal doesn’t have to stop at grunts and moans. Many people appreciate hearing their partner’s take on dirty talk both before and during sex. Hearing how much our lovers desire us all day is enough to get the juices flowing and then some.

5. If Anal Sex is on the Table, Start Slow

New to anal and excited to enter the forbidden zone? While trying something new is a major turn on for most people, this shouldn’t cause partners to lose sight of best practices for sex. Partners on the receiving end of anal have a lot to contend with. Regardless of who initiated the anal, butt sex is best enjoyed if it begins slowly with a lot of lube.

One of the things most men fail to realize is that anal sex doesn’t have to hurt! Just as both partners should warm up for intercourse, anal requires the same level of preparation. This is the case whether toys, fingers, or other extremities are used.

6. Let Laughter Happen During Sex

Sex doesn’t always have to be some serious, seductive experience. Part of an enjoyable encounter is fully experiencing everything. From lust to love to laughter—all these things make for a positive sexual experience.

Part of what takes sex to the next level for both partners is the fact that they’re able to let their guards down. If both people are afraid to laugh with each other, the connection isn’t as deep as it could be.

7. Don’t Attack the Clit

While the clit is a major pleasure point for most women, their partners shouldn’t go straight for it. Part of foreplay should be touching the vulva everywhere. Since this area is already so sensitive, any slight touch, breath, lick, vibration, or pressure can really set a woman off.

Once things are getting hot and heavy, always remember the cardinal rule: rub in circles. In most situations, partners will instruct their new lovers on exactly how to touch their clit. After that, it’s all about practicing.

8. Stay in the Moment

Though most of us have no trouble focusing during sex, it’s not unnatural for the mind to wander. Part of what makes a night of wild passion so enjoyable is getting to spend time with someone that wants us as much as we want them. Whether it’s a one-night stand or scheduled sex with a significant other, both partners should be as present as possible when having sex.

9. Take a Break from Baby-Making

Couples that are actively trying to have a baby can easily miss out on the best aspect of procreating: the mind-blowing sex. Even though many male reproductive health tips suggest to have regular sex to make a baby, this doesn’t mean sex should become a chore. To keep the magic alive amidst trying to have a child, it’s important to take a break every now and then. Give the fertility talks a rest and just enjoy each other for a night.

Though many male reproductive health tips focus on the nitty-gritty of getting pregnant, sometimes all that is needed is one night of unbridled passion. Switch up the schedule every now and then to bring some excitement back into your sex life.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Rough

Many men may not realize that when their partner asks them to get rough, they mean they like it ROUGH. While communication is key during any sexual activity, if a partner asks for more spanking, choking, biting, or hitting, chances are that they enjoy that. Partners should have a safe word in place to make sure that the only pain that is felt is pleasurable.

While every one of us wants something different in the bedroom, it’s safe to say that we all enjoy having incredible, mind-numbing sex. Try out these 10 tips if you’re ready to step your sex game up.