Frugal and Healthy Face Tips For Men

Gone are the days when masculinity is about looking scruffy and unkempt. Women prefer a well-groomed man. Thus, there are plenty of men who are also grooming themselves. Some men might find it hard to spend a penny in the face or skin products. They find it cumbersome and expensive. However, there are ways on how to look good without breaking your budget. We came up with healthy face tips for men whether you are budget conscious or not.

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Cleansing and moisturizing are not enough to keep a man’s skin healthy and vibrant. It takes a little more effort in order to avoid dull, brittle and dry skin. Below are some of the most sensible and practical tips on how to make your skin glowing and healthy:

Think of these steps- cleanse, tone and moisturize. These are very important for your skin. There are plenty of pollutants and damaging chemicals which can cause detrimental effects to your skin. Just imagine the cigarette smoke, car exhaust as well as too much sun exposure.

Cleansing is very significant in order to sanitize the facial skin and eliminate the dead skin. Make use of mild cleansers in the market without drying your skin. Although men are too lazy to wash their face before going off to bed, it should never be a problem. All you have to do is find a facial wash for men. This will help get rid of whiteheads, acne and blackheads.

Moisturizing your skin helps in the prevention of dull, dry and crack skin. Itchy skin can be quite uncomfortable at times. To heal this problem, you have to make use of moisturizers.

The use of sunscreen is not just for the vain ones. Always make use of sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. An SPF 30 sunscreen is enough for you to be protected under the sun.

Exfoliation of the skin should be done daily. You have to eliminate the accumulation of dead skin that may lead to bacterial infection. You can find plenty of products online for a good facial scrub. However, if budget is so tight, you can grab some handy raw materials in the kitchen and whip out your own exfoliating scrub. With the use of refined sugar, lemon and honey, you can scrub your face with it just like facial scrub would do. It is inexpensive and effective.

For those of you who have tried and tested frugal ways of making your skin glow, please do let us know. Simply leave a comment below!