Famous Men’s Lifestyle Brands With Fashionable Dress Shoes

Dressing up for any occasion can be a daunting and intimidating task for plenty of men. Whether you need to attend a summer wedding or a spring event, shopping for the right pair of dress shoes can be a serious pain in the neck. There are many men’s lifestyle brands which offer various designs and styles of dress shoes.

There various brands of on-trend and on demand dress shoes like loafers, wingtips and brogues. There are plenty of brands which you can wear for over a long period of time with utmost comfort. There are designs which are unique and can fit a statement dress shoes because of its details and style.

With a little bit of leg work in narrowing down your options, we will help you in finding the best pair of dress shoes for you. We came up with the most famous brands in the market catering to men and their peculiar sense of fashion:

Derby Shoes for the Classic Look

This stylish brand was designed with comfort in mind with Cole Haan’s Proprietary Grand OS technology. You can choose from cap toe, lace up style and cushioned rubber soles.

Magnanni Marco

If you are on the look for that remarkable and unique pair of shoes for a wedding or your much-anticipated dream job interview, you can definitely consider investing on a pair of Magnanni. Crafted from genuine leather, your feet will surely feel utmost comfort.  


Gucci is always a contender in terms of lifestyle brands. This is perfect for men who are into luxurious products. Find a coveted pair of Gucci shoes which are often made from fine and supple Italian leather. There are plenty of Gucci shoes which come in various solid colors. You will never go out of style.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is also known for its non-traditional pair of dress shoes for weekdays at the office or casual weekend dates. This brand boasts a new line of the spring-inspired color of shoe collection. However, for their dress shoes, a pair of boots will do the trick.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is not just known for its awesome scents for men. They also have sleek and amazing dress shoes oozing with luxury and style. You can definitely find a versatile pair of leather-made shoes which you can wear with a fresh suit and pair of pants for a night out.

Grenson Joseph

With utmost pride and craftsmanship, Grenson Joseph has been a favorite during World War 1 and II era. This sho which means they are quite easy to replace anytime. e brand features “Goodyear-welted” soles. This will assure you that the soles are replaceable  

These are just some of the brands we thought would make the cut. If you have other brands in mind, please do leave a suggestion. We would love to hear your stories of how these men’s lifestyle brands of dress shoes live up to your expectation.