Start with the Important Stuff The path to building a great back is more straightforward than most gym rats will tell you. This is mostly because the majority of gym goers do not know the proper men's fitness back exercises to get that thick and wide back. It's important to start by saying that you must practice strict form with all men's fitness exercises, but with your back, this holds true to the greatest degree! So, unless you are looking for a one way trip to Snap City, perfect each exercise

When it comes to having an impressive looking physique, the pectorals rank very high on most people's list. Of course, the pectorals are better known as the chest muscles if you didn't already know. These fin-shaped muscles signify power and strength, and a well-built set of pecs will garner plenty of attention from the opposite sex. Unfortunately, a vast majority of individuals don't possess stellar-looking pecs whether it comes from a lack of training or poor genetics. If you're looking to build the biggest, most well-developed chest muscles, then you're in