7 Essential Tips About Skin Care for Men for Clearer Skin


Having clear and glowing skin is an impossible thing for most men. Taking a shower as short as 5 minutes without scrubbing cannot get rid off the dead skin. Some do not even care about practicing routine skin care for men.

Fortunately, a better-looking skin is within your reach. It is better that you pay attention in taking good care of your skin. If you happen to be quite clueless on how to do this, just read along.


You can definitely achieve a blemish-free skin with the following tips to ponder on:

  • The most effective skin care routine for men is the one which works best with the skin type and lifestyle of the individual. It will help you narrow-down your options on how to take care of your skin efficiently.
  • A clearer skin is within reach if you cut down your intake of sugar. A lifestyle change related to the amount of sugar you consume can significantly affect your health and not just your quest for better looking skin.


1. Bruh, wash your face before hitting the sack!

I know, nothing can get away between you and your bed after a long day at work. However, washing your face before sleeping can be beneficial for your skin and well-being. Consider this as a warning; your failure to wash all the grime and dirt from the entire day warrants an acne breakout. Find a facial cleanser for men like this one from Fresh and Refined:

along with a handy moisturizer like this one from Lather and Wood

Remember this, night time is perfect for moisturizing your skin. This will facilitate skin repair. Eventually, you will have a brighter and clearer skin complexion.


2. Now, get enough sleep lad.

After establishing a working bedtime skincare routine, it is now time to pay attention to your sleeping habits. Sorry guys those late nights fun are adding some serious “years” to your skin. It is during sleep when the body (including your skin) goes into regeneration and replenishing mode. If you are unable to have an 8-hour sleep, you are definitely disrupting the natural healing process of your skin. This will lead to the development of dark circles under your eyes and blemishes.

When you lack sleep, your body is experiencing an increase in cortisol levels which triggers a breakout. This happens because of the high level of serum cortisol causes the sebaceous glands to come up with more oil.


3. Be religious with your skin care routine.

Once you found that skin care routine that works for you, you have to stick to it like glue. Your skin care regimen does not have to be complicated. It will only take a few minutes and will not take you forever. You do not need a salon or a barber to get by your skin care routine. All you have to do is find the right skin care products for men that are suitable for your skin type and way of life.

You can check out Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Care Routine. I have found this product to leave my skin smooth and not greasy.


4. Salicylic Acid is essential for preventing acne breakouts .

The power of salicylic acid is beyond compare. For those who are new to skin care for men regimens, you should get to know this type of plant-based acid. It will surely make your way to better skin a less stressful one. This is safe and really effective for acne-stricken skin types. A cream with this type of ingredient is favored compared to its cleanser version. The reason behind this is that creams will not wash off easily along with the active ingredient that will serve as a barrier between our skin and the dirt.

You can check out Acne Spot Treatment Drying Lotion:


5.Get rid of the dead skin- exfoliate!

One of the causes, why acne occurs, is a clogged up pore. We shed off skin from time to time. Eventually, dead skin cells tend to accumulate in your skin that will contribute to clogging up your pores. For those who are not keen towards washing off their faces, they are more prone to acne attacks when compared to those men who wash off their faces before bedtime. Exfoliating can definitely get rid of the unwanted dead skin layers. You can safely do this perhaps twice a week. However, never overdo it. You are causing skin damage more than clearing up your skin.


6. Moisturizing your skin is important!

Hey, moisturizers should never be taken off your skin care regimen. There are plenty of acne prevention treatments which can cause drying up of your skin causing sebum overproduction. To counteract this, you have to lock in the moisture in your skin. Hydration of the skin is essential to prevent the build-up of sebum in your pores. Find a moisturizer that contains SPF protection to shield your face from the horrible UV rays ( which can definitely cause skin cancer) while eliminating that dry greasy feeling.


7. Sugar is your enemy!

You heard it right, avoid sugar at all costs! For those men with a sweet tooth, sorry. This is heart-wrenching for you guys but believes it works wonders. According to health experts, sugar is strongly related to skin breakouts.

Another thing to watch out are those high-glycemic food items that the human body should convert into glucose causing a spike in your insulin level. Eventually, inflammation like acne can definitely happen.


Guys, these tips are not quite hard to integrate into your daily routine. All you have to do is basically understand why you should do these suggestions for better-looking skin.

Our tips are less complicated. You just have to that will to change for the better. Get in touch with us for questions related to skin care for men!